Peritus Clinic is located in the science park Medicon Village, in the north part of Lund — a city known for innovations in healthcare and research.

There are many easy and accessible options for getting to and from this southern Sweden destination.

By air

Peritus Clinic is located only an hour from Copenhagen airport (CPH), the international airport serving Copenhagen and southern Sweden. 

Upon arrival you can arrange a taxi to your final destination, whether that’s a hotel or a Peritus Clinic appointment. 

If you prefer to travel by train from the airport there are frequent train departures from Copenhagen airport to Lund city center.

Travel within the city

Once you’ve arrived in Lund, you have a number of options for getting around the city. You don’t need a rental car, if you don’t want one.

Taxi services operate 24 hours a day in Lund. The city is also an active Uber destination. Just download their apps onto your smartphone to request a ride.

Skånetrafiken operates bus services throughout the city on weekdays, weekends and holidays. 


  • Collect medical records, if necessary. Ask your local doctor which medical records have already been sent to Peritus Clinic. Request any that are missing.
  • Request a summary letter from your local doctor. A written overview of your health history can be a helpful resource for your Peritus Clinic care team.
  • Know your family health history. Ask your relatives about diseases and conditions that run in your family, if you don’t have this information already. Write down any conditions along with who had them so that you’ll be prepared if your doctor asks.
  • Learn more about your care team. You may be more comfortable if you read a little about your doctors in advance or even see a picture.


Medical and registration items

Please bring any registration forms or medical records, reports, and radiology images that were requested by your care team and not already sent. Also:

  • A list of your medications (prescription, over-the-counter and supplements) — including doses and why you take them. You can also bring the original bottles to your first appointment. (Or use your smartphone to take a picture of all your medication labels.)
  • Your insurance information, if you have one.
  • Any Peritus Clinic documents you have received.